Thursday, June 10, 2004

So I'm about to start a new job. After years and years of school I've spent the last year on a writing fellowship figuring out what to do with my life. I was pretty sure it wasn't what I went to grad school for, which was linguistics and cognitive science. At the end of everything I've decided to take a job doing just exactly what I went to grad school for. I am now officially a gainfully employed linguist, or at least I will be in eleven more days. That makes about ten of us.

In this blog I promise not to post any original poetry.

At this point there are about twelve zillion blogs you can waste your afternoons reading, give or take several zillion. I am of two minds about this radical democratization of information. Anyone can post anything they like -- no need for peer reviews, editing by self or others, fact-checking, or anything other than an opinion and access to the internet. It's like a sophomore English seminar on speed. So on the one hand, anyone can post. On the other hand, anyone can post. I think you see my point. I can tell you about the race I'm running on Saturday, whether or not you care; tell you about the recipe I tried last week, in which I should have used more paprika; tell you whether or not it was worth it for me to get a Ph.D., whether or not you're thinking of getting one yourself; document my sense of east coast displacement out here in Seattle, no matter where you live; ultimately conclude that I like the west coast better, much to the chagrin of my family; or refer you to my fan website about The OC, regardless of how embarrassed I should be about that.

Still, at least I guarantee that I won't be posting any original poetry. There is that.

Welcome aboard.


Blogger heathalouise said...

Fansite about the O.C.? If that is true, you are my hero. Congrats on the job!

12:32 PM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

I really do/did have an OC fansite. I wouldn't try it at home. Or I would only try it at home. One of the two.

1:18 PM  

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