Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cinematographic. (I Take. Pictures.)

Saw Memoirs of a Geisha today. I left thinking I liked it. I still think I liked it, but less; it's definitely of the genre loosely identifed as Oscar grab, and it had great actors in big sweeping story arcs and gestures, and some of it certainly looked beautiful. But was it enough? I don't know. It kind of feels like it had all the trappings but was light on substance, somehow. I haven't read the book, but I'd be interested in doing so.

Since I last made a movie post I've also seen King Kong, about which I will only say that I like Peter Jackson but this movie really isn't worth the hype, and Syriana, which so far is my favorite movie this year. I know it hasn't been met with all positive reviews, but everything about it worked for me: the loosely connected storylines organized thematically rather than plotwise; the look and feel and grit of the story; the acting; and above all the screenplay.

Stll up for me from the current crop: Brokeback Moutain, The Squid and the Whale, Munich, Fun With Dick and Jane, plus the few that are officially 2004 but have yet to make it to Seattle. I'm interested in any reviews...


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