Monday, July 12, 2004

Anchorman, anchorman, doing the things that an anchor can

We saw Anchorman yesterday. It was pretty dumb. During the first third of the movie, I was thinking: why am I seeing such a dumb movie? And it didn't feel dumb in a good way, either. But by the end of the movie I was thinking: this is a pretty dumb movie! I'm glad I saw it!

This burrito is delicious, but filling!

Speaking of silly movies, although this is really more of a non-sequitur than anything else, since comparing Anchorman to the movies I'm about to mention is like comparing There Was an Old Man from Nantucket to The Wasteland, it has recently emerged that Meri has seen neither This is Spinal Tap nor Waiting for Guffman. This clearly needs to be rectified, and soon.


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