Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Paradise found.

With the second season of Arrested Development now drawn to a close, I'm wondering what the geniuses at FOX will come up with to fill the void in my life. It's sad, really. Not that the absence of a Jason Bateman show can leave a void in my life, because that makes perfect sense (after all, it's also a David Cross show). But rather that by all reports the thing to fill that void will be Paradise Hotel 2. I know, because my good friendster Dave Kerpen aka the charmingly dorkiest PH denizen of all time, where "all time" means "on the first season of Paradise Hotel, posted it on his website:


On the bright side, my sister's going to have something to do in St. Louis!

Actually, this is one of those rare life events that only has bright sides. Well, there might be one drawback: the only thing that could make Paradise Hotel any better is if they'd cast someone I know. Hey, it could happen. It happened on The Apprentice! I mean, as long as you count the person I met for half an hour at interview training at work after she'd quit the show. That's someone I know, right? If I could nominate anyone, it would be TV detective. If you're not familiar with the genius concept behind Paradise Hotel, it goes like this: a dozen or so vaguely attractive but not too attractive and unintelligent but not too unintelligent twenty-somethings spend the summer living at a hotel in paradise (get it? get it? apparently "paradise" means "Mexico"), changing roommates every week and rotating one cast member out and a new one in, decided according to some weird metric of how well people get along with their peers and America voting (cf. Dave Kerpen above). Their main assignments are to wear bathing suits and drink copiously from the vast stores of free alcohol at their disposal, all the while plotting to win the game. What is the game, you ask?

Nobody knows!

And therein, my friends, rests the beauty of Paradise Hotel. Audience and cast alike are so far from knowing what the game entails that FOX was able to arbitrarily extend the show several weeks a couple of summers ago in response to good ratings.

Basically, it's awesome.

This better not just be some disreputable rumor, cruelly torturing me with woulda coulda shoulda promises of paradise to come.


Blogger heathalouise said...

"The Game"! That was always the most frustrating part. I wonder if years from now scholars will herald the brilliance of PH...

2:56 PM  

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