Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Work-related snack incident.

Have you seen The Office? The British version, not the recent American one with Steve Carrell. Although either works in this case.

So last weekend I go away to New Orleans. I leave my co-worker with our The Office DVDs. And what do I get for it?

I come back from a meeting this afternoon to find in place of my computer mouse a quivering mass of jello. Orange jello! With another mouse suspended in it. Days of premeditation here, people! Hours of effort!

And not only that, my manager was in cahoots!

So we did the only reasonable thing: we tried to regift the jello + mouse to our group director, my manager's manager's manager. Except right at that moment she walked by. So we did the other only reasonable thing: we actually did regift the jello + mouse to her manager. We're wondering if it had totally melted by the time she got back to her office to discover it. Jello doesn't fare too well outside its natural habitat.

I need a helper monkey for a follow-up pranks. Game is on, and I need plausible deniability.


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