Sunday, June 19, 2005

From natto to Batto.

Last night we went with Anna and Sushmita to try Saito's for the first time -- very good sushi even if we got stuck at a table rather than the sushi bar and the wait was substantial. And even if my last sushi taste sensation for the evening was natto, which I found truly vile. I am happy that Anna has taken to scallop and unagi with the same gusto that I exhibit.

Sushmita abandoned us after dinner, but the rest of us went to see Batman Begins. Now I'm not a big fan of the Batman genre to begin with, but this movie was almost enough to turn me. Granted that I'm running behind my usual tally to date for seeing movies by this time in the year, but this was without question my favorite 2005 movie thus far. My usual problem with formulaic action-adventure movies and comic book movies in particular is that I get impatient waiting for predictable things to happen: all right, all right already, let's just get this over with. There was very little of that here. The structure kept things moving along even though this was not a short movie. I really, really liked the screenplay.

If I get my act together today, maybe I'll make it to see My Summer of Love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i liked batman too; the biggest fault i found was that the action scences were too close-up.

i recommend miyazaki's new movie, howl's moving castle -- the plot is a little whack, but there's a surprising amount of humor, and the imagery is vibrant. the english dubbed version even has batman's voice (christian bale is howl), as well as billy crystal's. -ben

4:07 PM  
Anonymous A said...

Yep. Hooked on Unagi and Scallop nigeri. Yum. Think I might have to go have some tomorrow.

10:04 PM  

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