Sunday, August 07, 2005

And we barbecued lamb kebabs on Saturday night, too.

This has been a busy weekend:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: We saw this on Friday and it was really, really good. The Tim Burton-Johnny Depp aesthetic doesn't always work for me, and this was definitely pretty notably Tim Burton-Johnny Depp. But this time it worked, and it worked great.

Blue Angels: Eh. I go more for the company than the planes.

FootZone 5k: My god, yes, it's a 5k at the mall. At the mall. But it was also a very fast course (around the perimeter of Redmond Town Center) and I finished in 23:36, 7:36 min/mile pace, which is pretty good for me these days. Especially considering I didn't rest my legs at all. I was happy.

Tuna, yellowtail, tempura, oh my!: Chris made us sushi tonight. We invited Ryan and Simone over and we spent several hours feasting. So much feasting that we didn't even eat dessert. Chris taught us to make various kinds of rolls. It was a lot of work -- not the kind of thing we'll do more than once in a while -- but it was a lot of fun.

This is the kind of weekend I've been wanting to have for a while, lots going on but relaxing all the same.

Next weekend, Durango...


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