Sunday, July 24, 2005

The rurban lifestyle.

Yesterday we went to Simone's birthday party at Alex and Vilde's lake cabin in Snohomish county. Many hours of swimming and barbecuing and smore-making later, I was thinking about the appeal of cabins -- not just vacation getaways, but cabins specifically. There's something about the nature of the space and the fact that it's small that promotes intimacy among groups at several times normal speed. This is even true when it's summer and the weather is great and you're spending most of your time outside. This place isn't too far from the city, and yet it feels completely different, and your interactions with people, even people that you see and spend time with frequently in normal life, feel kind of different as a result.

Lately I'm feeling like a victim of too much activity again. The time in the woods yesterday was activity but it wasn't. Mainly what it did is make me look forward to my (non-cabin based) honeymoon. I'm questioning the wisdom of having delayed it.


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