Friday, July 29, 2005

Of races and Renaissance fairs.

Traffic needs to die down so I can go home and relax at a normal time for one night this week. I'm wiped. Everyone is wiped. I'm cranky. Everyone is cranky. But I am especially cranky, this week. But as it happens, so is everyone else. Too much to do.

That notwithstanding, I liked the show last night. It turns out that I like Tullycraft, I love Math and Physics Club, and The Salteens (spelled wrong below) are kinda good and kinda Renaissance fair-ish. If I saw them at a Renaissance fair, I'd probably walk away thinking, hey, those guys were pretty good. Which is, incidentally, more or less what Chris thinks about the most recent Decemberists album.

I'm racing again tomorrow, the Torchlight thing downtown at 6:30pm. I don't like evening races, and yet I'm doing the 8k anyway. This has been the summer of the short race, one every two or three weeks. I feel like I'm constantly in weird race-driven training. I think this should be the last one until the half marathon I'm planning to do on Labor Day weekend. I'm feeling in desperate need of increasing my mileage these days. Maybe it'll help with the crankiness.


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