Sunday, September 10, 2006

Manning a Manning

Hooray! It is football season again. Let the months of sedentary Sundays begin. You heard it here first: This is totally my year for my fantasy team. Y'all are going down.

I'm looking forward to my dad's comments after the Giants-Colts game tonight. I can already hear them: If the Giants win, they're heading for the Super Bowl. If they lose, they're going 0-16.

Predictions? FOX likes Carolina...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Open letter to Bravo TV.

Dear Bravo,

I love Project Runway. I also love reading Tim Gunn's blog after every episode. I heart Tim Gunn! However, I do not heart your website. In fact, your website more or less sucks. It is busy, it is slow, it is not optimized for any browser I have found, and frankly the design is appalling for a network whose most popular shows are about aesthetics. Please fix it so that I can go back to loving you completely.

A Fan