Sunday, December 16, 2007


That is how many miles I have run so far in 2007. Two weeks to go. Last year I ran 1,785. By the time the year is over it'll be about +150 miles from last year to this year.That's really just a few more miles per week. In my head I had run way more this year than I had last year, but I guess it is not really so.

I feel pretty crappy today. Cough, sore throat, the works. As long as I can beat the cold by just loafing around all day today so that I can cruise from work to vacation this week without issue. Blah.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gingerbread vacation.

Tonight is all about winter food. I am making cabbage and potato soup with blue cheese and toasts for dinner, and I am attempting the highest-maintenance gingerbread recipe ever. This, plus football, is what Sundays are all about. Though I should have read through the gingerbread recipe before starting so that I would have known about all the refrigeration and freezing phases that need to be traversed before actual baking starts. Whatever, it's gonna be tasty.

Less than two weeks until we head off for Hong Kong and Australia! I am getting all fired up and starting to think about packing. We're going to try to fit everything for the entire trip into one carry-on each. It's all about embracing the rewash and rewear. I cannot wait to hit the sunshine -- and the warmth. Whoo hoo! Summer in January! It's sort of weird to think about the fact that I am making gingerbread today, but on Christmas itself we're going to be having dim sum. Living out the age-old stereotype of Chinese food on Christmas. But in Hong Kong.

We're trying to lay out our upcoming travel plans for the next year, which seems to be something we do every time we travel. You get a little, you want a lot. Next year I'd like to take a longer trip to Europe, as well as some long weekends in Boston and San Francisco. And we're going to head to New Jersey at some point to see family. And I want to do a week of a trail running vacation. And once again I don't have enough vacation time to stuff all this travel into. Oh well, life is full of difficult choices.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It is so not supposed to snow in Seattle.

And if it does, it should at least be on a weekday.

Okay, it's not snowing yet. But I believe the predictions and I think it's gonna. I could feel it in the air when I went running this morning.

I hate winter. The whole point of moving to the west coast was to get away from this stuff. Even though my first visit to Seattle took place in the middle of a snowstorm. I was told that it was the exception rather than the rule. Craziness!

Is it time for vacation yet?