Monday, December 18, 2006

So let's say I had this friend.

So I admit it. I found a new blog to read. Only it's too shameful to post the link here, because although there's nothing shameful about it in and of itself -- it's really a pretty good blog -- there's something very shameful about it in the context of me. Because, dear reader, this isn't just any random blog I've happened upon. It wasn't linked by any friends of mine. No, this blog is connected to a long-ago ex-boyfriend, which boyfriend will remain nameless.

But it's not his blog, and oh yes, he does have a blog.

It's his sister's.

I am not in contact with either the ex-bf or his sister. And in fact I have nothing really in common with either of them at this point, especially not with his sister. I always thought she was a nice person, but I can't say that I really knew her that well or that I felt any great connection with the woman. And really, her life at this point and my life at this point come as close to having zero overlap as I think might be possible.

Well, except for where we both have blogs. Detail.

But the thing that I've discovered -- and yes, I discovered it by web-stalking my ex-bf, which I would feel embarrassed about except that I know yes KNOW that you've done it too -- is that my new web-friend is a pretty good writer. And so I've been reading her blog for months now. Occasionally I learn something about the ex-bf and his life, but mostly she writes about hers. And I have to say I'm regretting that I didn't know her better when I, well, knew her.

So what's the verdict? Am I stalker? I mean seriously, it's better than your average blog.


Blogger onlybrody said...

1. Stalking is the new gossip Kieran. It comes with the added benefit of being able to do it on your own time.

2. Me, I check out friends' Friendster friends. For instance, excepting her relationship status Meredith (i first figured her for the 'Meri' in your Friendster menagerie) has an undeniably attractive profile.

Hee hee. I assume that asking for an introduction will be fruitless...

1:31 PM  

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