Saturday, June 23, 2007

Childlike, gentle, pretty, willowy, submissive.

I am emerging briefly from hibernation to tell you about, sort of like wikipedia for fundamentalist Christians. Some of my favorite entries:

minimum wage increase: "a controversial manoeuvre that increases the incentive for young people to drop out of school."

Hilary Rodham Clinton: "may suffer from a psychological condition that would raise questions about her fitness for office."

femininity: the quality of being "childlike, gentle, pretty, willowy, submissive."

pro-choice: "is the euphemism preferred by people or organizations who are in favor of permitting or promoting abortion, under some or all circumstances; some believe that a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy for any reason, including as a method of contraception, while others maintain that it should only be used in special cases.
Planned Parenthood performs nearly 200 abortions for every referral for adoption, making the term "pro-abortion" more appropriate than "pro-choice.""

Al Gore: "starred in a keynote presentation about the supposed climate crisis."

megachurch: "There is no page titled "megachurch"."

George W. Bush: "Though the liberal media continues to disparage Bush's handling of the economy, they often neglect to report the many aspects of the economy that Bush has improved. For example, during his term Exxon Mobil has posted the largest profit of any company in a single year, and executive salaries have greatly increased as well."

And my single biggest favorite so far:

premarital sex: "This page has been deleted and protected to prevent re-creation."


Blogger jayblack said...

it's like the devil's dictionary for dumbasses.

11:49 PM  

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