Sunday, January 21, 2007

How three married couples with no kids spent Saturday night.

We have declared 2007 the year of having people over for dinner. Since it's only January, we're doing pretty well, even though our inaugural event yesterday didn't have all the planning time associated with it that we had wanted for a variety of reasons. We ate good food and drank lots of wine and talked about babies. We remarked how we felt very fake-adult, but we continued talking about babies anyway.

Over the years we've done our share of invite-everyone parties, with too much food and too much drink and way too much cleanup afterwards. This year we're making a play to rediscover the small dinner party, with just the right number of people to have either one group conversation or a few small ones, which happens to be just the right number of people to fit around our dining room table. Most of my favorite events at other people's homes are exactly the ones that successfully capture the intimacy of a small group setting, so now we too are working on dinners that might interest Neil LaBute or some Dogme director.

Ask me again in May how we're doing.


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