Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall back.

I usually hate turning the clocks back, but this year I'm ready for it. Darker, shorter days satsify my current inclinations pretty well. If that sounds bleak, it's not entirely. I think I'm just ready for a change in season.

And who am I to argue with an extra hour of sleep?

This has been a pretty good weekend. And from here it's more or less a sprint from weekend to weekend until we leave for vacation. Which means we'd better get our acts together to figure out where we're staying, how we're packing, how we're going to handle Christmas gifts since we're not going east this year, and a whole bunch of other stuff. In between now and then a bunch of other things happen, not least of which is Thanksgiving. To say nothing of the ongoing timesuck that is work, although I am starting to anticipate some change on the horizon in that area.

Unrelated aside. Resolved: Whenever anyone says, "People nowadays do X/don't do X anymore/are more X than before/are less X than before," they are pretty much always observing some area in which people nowadays are identical to people always.


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