Sunday, September 30, 2007

Five out of five.

The five bands whose most recent albums are also the last five albums that I've bought are:

The National
Imperial Teen
The New Pornographers

What a great surprise Maps was. I am one of those customers, who went into Sonic Boom with no intention of buying anything, won over by the album playing in the store at the time. How good it is to be susceptible.

Nothing unanticipated with the Stars album (In Our Bedroom After the War), which I've been waiting for for months. I guess the album leaked online in an earlier stage, but I'd held off for the real release. Stars and the New Pornographers seem to be on a simultaneous release schedule. Last time, the Stars album was a clear winner for me; Set Yourself on Fire is in my top few albums ever, while Twin Cinema was merely very good. This time I think I'm giving the edge to the New Pornographers, but both are in pretty heavy rotation right now.

I'm in a music acquisition mode and I'm apparently all about what's happening right now -- anything else recent and great to recommend?


Blogger D. said...

Its not what I think of as Kieran Music, but boy I am digging the new Okkervil River.

Also, the new Magic Numbers.

On the flipside, I cannot get into the new Rilo Kiley or the newish Fountains of Wayne one bit. Sigh.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Vincent said...

Continuing the trend in not-really-kieran music-
i would recommend the new josh ritter album, as well as the new spoon and rogue wave discs.

but dear god, the new rilo kiley makes me want to rip out my ears in protest...

just my two cents.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

What is Kieran music?

9:06 PM  
Blogger this charming man said...

The National are effin amazing. Man, Boxer is good, so is Alligator. I saw them back in July and again a couple of weeks ago.

I wasn't crazy about the New P's record as much at first. Though it's grown on me after a bunch of listens. I saw them a few weeks back, and the show was good, as always for them.

I dig the latest Spoon (saw them at a music festival here in SF) --

At some point I'll download the new Radiohead. And buy the new Band of Horses. I like what I've heard from the new Imperial Teen, Film School, and Matt Pond PA.

Need to check out Dolour and PJ Harvey.

Oh...Sea Wolf. Dig them muchly. I think an mp3 or two may still be up at KEXP's song of the day blogsite.

I'd recommend subscribing to the KEXP, KCRW and the MPR song of the day podcasts. Good way to find new things.

11:42 AM  

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