Monday, June 14, 2004

The Daily Meredith

I have two sisters. My sister Noelle, who is 6, also has two sisters. Our sister Meredith, who is 22, has hundreds of sisters: Noelle, me, and her entire sorority.

Meri -- or Mere, as she has taken to calling herself in recent years (which Chris and I pronounce "mere," which rhymes with "deer," "near," and "misspelling here," and which Meri herself pronounces as "mer," which rhymes with nothing) -- is visiting for the summer. She gets here on Sunday and she's staying for several weeks. We're pretty excited.

She read my blog for the first time today and she conceded that it's not as freakish as the blog maintained by a high school classmate of hers:

but she thinks it makes me sound weirder and more eccentric than I actually am, to which I responded that it makes me sound no more or less weird and eccentric than I actually am, to which she replied no, it definitely makes me sound weirder, to which I answered that maybe she's going to be in for some surprises when we live together this summer. After all, it's been twelve years since we last shared the same living space.

The rest of our conversation went something like this:

M: Kieran, blogs are really geeky.
K: So is friendster.*
M: Well, blogs are geekier.

*Necessary backstory: I am on friendster. So, after a year and a half of bugging me about how irredeemably geeky** friendster is and me telling her that she'd give in and join eventually, is my sister.

**Further necessary backstory: There are many irredeemably geeky things about me. In fact, I submit that there are waaaay more embarassingly geeky things about me than belonging to friendster (which is so 2003) and maintaining a blog. What I mean is that if she's going to pick things to find embarassingly geeky, there are several better candidates. Having a usenet newsgroup named after me that I actually post to, to name just one.

So okay, maybe you're thinking that I'm suggesting that blogs are just another geekpoint on which Mere (rhymes with beer) is going to give in. Give her another year or two and she's going to have a blog of her own.

Well, I could say that. But the sad fact of the matter is that on this particular geekpoint Mere (rhymes with everclear) has already beaten me to the punch. As it happens, she was years ahead of me. Several years, if we're keeping track. Lest she forget, my sister has already had a blog, and a blog that she maintained on her own domain name for that matter, and a blog that she maintained on her own domain name that was named after her no less.

Tragically, despite repeated requests from her adoring fans, The Daily Meredith is no longer online, but I've unearthed some archival footage that I feel it would be unjust to deny the reading public:

good morning all. its bright and early at 4:30 AM, and im at just over 7 pages of my paper. HEEEEELP. so, im doing my bibliography...and i get to the online sources i used. in trying to figure out exactly what homepage my article was linked off of, i come to find out that the article i chose as "legitimate" to include in my paper, is really affiliated with the WELSH WITCHCRAFT HOMEPAGE. AHHH. i think you should all check it personal favorite is " A MESSAGE TO THE PAGAN COMMUNITY FROM RHUDDLWM AND CERRIDWEN regarding 9-11," but there are also interesting FAQs, as well as a catchy "traditional welsh ballad" that plays when you click the FAQ section, and will NOT stop when you right click the little grey box, like it says it will. scary really, but worth checking out. and certainly more interesting than my paper.

If that isn't geeky (blog + weird fantasy shit), I don't know what is.

In the interest of fairness, I feel compelled to point out that, of the two of us, she is by far the more fashionable geek. And I can't wait until she gets here.


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