Sunday, July 18, 2004

Musical revue

Meri and Chad and I went to see the Camera Obscura show last night. We got there in time to catch the end of Heather Duby's set. It was very Aimee Mann-ish, and I'm not just saying that because my current office location means that I see pictures of Aimee Mann more or less perpetually.
Despite the fact that the club was pretty ickily hot -- it was one of the rare days when you really feel the lack of systemic air conditioning in Seattle -- Camera Obscura was great. I love this band! If you don't know this band you really ought to, unless possibly you're Darren, because after hearing a few tracks it will come as no surprise to you that they are great pals with Stuart Murdoch, and that he has done various liner photography/production for them in the past. So anyway although the concert conditions were suboptimal, I really enjoyed it.
After the show I managed to persuade Meri and Chad to head to Ozzie's in lower Queen Anne. Ozzie's a total divey dive bar that has karaoke. Chad started off a rousing rendition of "Sex Machine" before cutting it off when he socked the waitress but good with his wacky dance moves. We had a hell of a time persuading Meri to sing at all, but once she realized that "Livin on a Prayer" was an option, there was no holding her back. She and I did our New Jersey roots proud with a rockin duet.
Sadly, Chad refused to sing "From a Distance" by Bette Midler.


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