Sunday, August 29, 2004


This is it: we've now become a two-TiVo household. There's no going back now. With 40-hour Series 2 TiVos now $80 at Best Buy, how can you afford not to buy one? Or live with someone who will buy one? And how can you afford not to hack it so it holds three zillion hours? Or to live with someone who can hack it so it holds three zillion hours? So take that, FOX! That'll teach you to move The OC opposite Survivor!

Chris is delighted to have gotten this with football season nigh upon us, so now he'll be able to continue recording stuff while I commandeer the TV all day every Sunday and every Monday night.

Speaking of football season being nigh upon us, what is even more nigh upon us is the draft for my fantasy football league. I am very excited. The Giants are going to suck this year, and I don't have much hope for the Seahawks. However, I am determined that my own fantasy team will prosper and succeed, which roughly translates into at least beating my sister's team.


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