Friday, September 03, 2004


The Seattle Times says it's 57 and rainy outside, but when I went running an hour ago it was warmer than that and when I look out the window it appears to be sunny. Who is correct?

I now have another reason to pull for the Seahawks this year: last night I drafted Matt Hasselbeck as the starting QB for my fantasy league. The draft was thoroughly entertaining; woe to the people who neither showed up nor pre-ranked their players, which is basically everyone in the league who is related to me. My cousin Morgan ended up getting Ricky Williams. (Making mental note to send him trash-talk e-mail today.) I'm mostly okay with how I did. Looking over everyone's rosters I think Mike S. probably did the best in the draft, which is probably because he took the full time allotted for Every... Single... Pick.

P.S. Erin has her big racing debut this weekend. Good luck to her (and Erin, be sure to send me a race report)!


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