Sunday, October 10, 2004

Limoncello: not meant to be consumed by the cupful

Friday night I went to see the Badly Drawn Boy show with one of my neighbors and some guys that I work with. Owing to one thing and another, where "one thing" means "not enough food earlier in the day" and "another" means "vodka," I don't actually remember a lot about the first half of the show. The second half I do remember, and it was pretty fun. After the show when Ritchie and I came back here to drink some more I learned a valuable lesson about limoncello: it's not supposed to be consumed by the cupful. I finally went to sleep around 7 in the morning and when I woke up several hours later things were a little blurghy. After copious water, food, and a long-ish run, I felt vaguely human again. It turns out that I'm going to have to stop saying that gin is the only thing that gives me hangovers, assuming that waking up and not being able to distinguish between someone pounding on the door and something pounding in my head is indicative of a hangover.

I can't believe that more of you haven't posted your instant happy songs. Ben! Erin! Heather! I'm relying on you here, people.

Lately I've been thinking again about what I can and can't blog about. The last few weeks have been pretty eventful for me both personally and professionally and yet none of it is in this forum. The thing about blogs is that it turns out that maybe people read them. And so I've been posting and posting, but only peripherally about the things that I've really been thinking about.

One thing I've been thinking about is the phenomenon of google-stalking, which pretty much everyone does and no one admits to doing. And I don't think there's anything really inherently that creepy about google-stalking the people you're actually friends with or know well, even though no one admits to that either. There is something kind of creepy about unabashedly admitting it, somehow. I'm wondering how many people, when they meet someone new or make new friends or start dating someone or whatever, now have it as their first instinct to google that person just to see what's out there. I wonder how many of them admit it, both in general and in specific ("Hey, I googled you, and saw that you used to row crew in college/act on a minor soap opera/model for balloon pornography/go to Princeton.") I wonder how many people mind being a source of curiosity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so while i am neither ben! erin! or heather!, i have more thoughts on this whole happy song thing, after i have had the pixies song from my last post stuck in my head for the last 5 days (which is irritating, as it is only about 2 minutes long...)
so here's some more:

shot in the arm-wilco

saint simon-the shins

know your onion!-the shins

sheena is a punk rocker-ramones-this would be really funny to anyone who has met my sister...

the boy with the arab strap-belle and sebastian

from blown speakers-new pornographers
end of medicine-new pornographers
the slow descent into alcoholism-new pornographers-again, no comments from the peanut gallery

land down under-men at work, i'm not sure why, i've never figured out what the hell this song is about, it just makes me smile...ah, the 80's

anyhow, just a few more songs from the vault-i will keep posting if others (see above) refuse to post...

8:26 AM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

Land Down Under is totally your Burning Up, Vince. I am shocked. The depth this adds to your character...

2:01 PM  

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