Sunday, September 26, 2004


The music calendar at

lists a lot of pretty good shows coming up soon. Shows that I am tempted by include:

Wed, 9/29 Snow Patrol (Showbox)
Wed, 9/29 The Libertines/Radio 4 (Neumo's)
Fri, 10/1 Visqueen/The Muffs/Johnny Polanski (Crocodile)
Fri, 10/8 Badly Drawn Boy (Showbox)
Sun, 10/17 The Concretes (Neumo's)
Tues, 10/19 The Old 97's (Showbox)
Sat, 10/30 United State of Electronica/Aqueduct (album release) (Crocodile)**

Plus some shows further afield, such as the Magnetic Fields show in November that I already have tickets to.

So which of these shows should I go to? Of these bands, I've only seen U.S.E. and Aqueduct live, and they're both really, really good. I've been meaning to see The Old 97's and Badly Drawn Boy for a while and have had narrow misses with shows for both of them. In general I'm getting old and lame enough (and getting up sufficiently early) that I'm not as interested in going to see bands during the week as I used to be, but there's no great excuse for missing the weekend shows.

**I totally saw the photo shoot for this album on my way back from downtown yesterday. The lead singer from Aqueduct and his girlfriend were hanging out with one of the vocalists from U.S.E and some photographer on the overpass on Pine Street.


Blogger heathalouise said...

I'm completely biased, but I can't recommend the 97's enough. Go see them whenever you get a chance.

3:08 PM  

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