Sunday, October 17, 2004

We need a montage.

We went with a bunch of people to see Team America tonight. I may be the only person to feel this way, but I liked it way better than I liked the South Park movie, even if Kim Jong Il sounded a little too much like Cartman. There's a nice Heather Havrilesky interview with Matt Stone and Trey Parker on salon:

We also saw a preview for the new Wes Anderson movie and I'm pretty excited. Nothing says quality film like Bill Murray in a wetsuit. We're getting to that time of year when all the good stuff starts showing up in theaters. I still haven't seen I Heart Huckabees and I'm wondering what you guys think of it if you've seen it.

Lesson I learned last night: tequila and midori do not mix.
Lesson I learned this morning: tequila and midori do not mix.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked Huckabees a lot. I didn't think it was quite as inspired as Flirting With Disaster or Three Kings, but it was still well worth seeing.


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