Monday, November 15, 2004

Imperial Teen

The CDs I ordered a little while back have finally all arrived and I've had a chance to listen to all of them but Ladybug Transistor, which I've heard before and know I'm going to like. The clear winner is the Imperial Teen album (On), which I heartily endorse. I'm thinking I need to go buy their back catalogue of albums now, and I'm thinking that several of you would like it too (Ben and Erin and Vince and Heather at least).

Friday night I went with a bunch of people to the Magnetic Fields show at the Moore. It was definitely the best of the three times I've seen them. I've always thought of them before as a studio band, since Stephin Merritt seems to disdain his audience so much. Now I think maybe it was just Philly. They were positively chipper here in Seattle. Anna even enjoyed it and she hasn't liked the album stuff she's heard that much.

I guess I'm going to see Razorlight this coming weekend, and we just bought tickets for the big holiday show here because it features Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Keane, The Killers, Snow Patrol, and The Shins, and it's hard to turn all that down for $40.


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