Friday, November 05, 2004


I bought four new CDs today:

On -- Imperial Teen
King Me -- Visqueen
Antics -- Interpol
Ladybug Transistor -- Ladybug Transistor

Now I'm impatiently waiting for them to get here.


My friend Jake has a geeky blog. You can read it here:

The concatenation of these person names and blog names reminds me of Less Than Jake, which reminds me of Philadelphia, and possibly even of Kretchmar if I'm being honest and willing to pander to his ego, because what he really needs is ego pandering. Furthermore, Jake confirms for me that this band name is the origin of his blog name, which makes me feel prescient and smart on this Friday afternoon when I'm wishing I'd planned to leave early so I could go out and enjoy the spectacular sunshine.


Blogger Jake said...

I promised Kieran that I'd post comments on her blog, so I figure I might as well start on the entry that's semi-about me! My blog is most definitely geek-tastic... The last two days have been exceptionally geeky with two separate posts about Star Wars! I know I should feel ashamed, but I think that part of me is broken.

11:38 PM  

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