Friday, February 25, 2005

Ten things

d posted on his page his response to the meme that's been going around lately. I found his list more interesting than lists like that usually are, and it started me thinking about what my own list might look like.

Ten Things I've Done That You Haven't

1. Observed sexual innuendo in technical linguistics terms.
(1a. Used technical linguistics terms to make sexual innuendo.)
2. Had an NFL head coach and his wife over for dessert.
3. Learned to read Tahitian.
4. Played Balderdash with a physicist who was taught to tango by Richard Feynman.
5. Raced in 21 half-marathons.
6. Eaten four bagels in a row.
7. Managed a fantasy football league.
8. Memorized all the two- and three-letter words allowable in Scrabble.
9. Been taken out for lunch by my state representative.
10. Recited Jabberwocky in a bar to get my table a round of free drinks.

(4) is kind of a cheapie, I admit.


Anonymous m said...

You haven't ridden a bike over 200 miles in one day, and I have. So there.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

Wait, isn't that a good thing?

6:00 PM  

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