Wednesday, February 16, 2005

SQL superstar!

I think I accidentally signed up for a database project today at work, but at least now I have some sense of how to proceed. It turns out that I think I'm going to be learning to use SQL better than I can now, which is basically not at all. Learning is good.

I'm getting pretty excited about Puzzlehunt. Everyone at work that I'm telling about it thinks it sounds pretty dorky, even though most of them are trying hard to be polite and not say that outright. These people are, by and large, dorkier than I am. Or they used to be. I can feel my social butterfly stock plummeting, but on the other hand my nerd street cred has never been higher. You take what you can get.

I think we've already covered nerds/dorks/geeks.

On to other topics: tomorrow morning Chris and I have an appointment here:

about a wedding cake. So you have just a few more hours to toss out your suggestions. This place doesn't falsely advertise either. Check out the gallery; the cakes really are amazing.

Speaking of which, Hilary and I are in The Amazing Race withdrawal. Good thing the new season starts in, oh, two weeks. It just occurred to me that "amazing race" might have been meant to rhyme with "amazing grace." Well, so what I mean is that it does rhyme, but I wonder if some marketing person or other was aware of that rhyme and chose amazing on purpose over all other superlative adjectives everywhere. Speaking of dorky and in a strangely fundamentalist Judeo-Christian fabric of society kind of way.

No? I'm delerious. I need sleep.


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