Sunday, February 13, 2005

Chronicle for the easily amused.

Seriously: I met a guy at a party last night named Kirk. Kirk Lind. AND HE LIVES IN KIRKLAND!! I know it's true because Nicole checked his driver's license while he was hitting on us. If I were named Kirk Lind and I lived in Kirkland, I'm not sure I could ever move away. This fact made me jump up and down and spill a drink all over myself in delight.

Kirk Lind! And he lives in Kirkland!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple pleasures for simple minds.

Does Kirk realize he can never move again?

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is Crazy! A friend googled my name and she sent me this. Yes I am the infamous Kirk Lind tht lives in you guessed it Kirkland! I don't remember the party but I must have made a good impression for upoi to remember me or it can just be my name! Who knows! Email me at!!!!

Everyone enjoy your day!!!!!!!!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous E said...

Hey, I'm Kirkland C Linds big bro. When we were little we used to call him Kirky and all of our aunts and uncles still do to this day. So when you e-mail him call him Kirky. He LOVES it!


2:49 PM  

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