Sunday, March 20, 2005

Best idea in wedding planning ever: Cake. Buffet.

Yesterday we went to the place where we're getting our wedding cake ( and sampled a bunch of the things they make. We'd already contracted with them for the design but hadn't selected flavors for cake and icing. We also saw Karthik at Pankaj's birthday gala last night and talked all things DJ. I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by everything left to be done: flowers, invitations, reception music, registering. Honeymoon planning. Next weekend we're going to knock off invitations and registering at least.

There's an interesting article on Kai von Fintel's semantics blog about academia and the family. You can read it here:

It'll probably be of especial interest to those of you who have been on the academic job market.


Blogger heathalouise said...

My advisor had told me that she didn't even wear her wedding ring when she was looking for jobs. Of course, that link now has me obsessed with academia blogs. Thank you, Kieran!

Oh, and we contracted for our cake this weekend. The difference being our wedding is in two months. (Damn! It's exactly two months from today. Yikes!!!)

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