Friday, April 22, 2005

Everything you've ever said is brilliant.

Lots of unbloggable thoughts about work and life and work-life and obsessive personalities and social graces and candor. Although maybe ultimately not about candor, if it turns out to be unbloggable.

Instead I could talk about the NFL draft, which starts tomorrow and which I will likely not watch much of. I put out a few feelers to see whether anyone wanted to get full season tickets with me for this year and I've been kind of disheartened by the response. Lots of people interested in half season things or games here and there, but I don't feel motivated enough to organize everyone into some kind of schedule. The casualty of making friends with mainly arty bookish nerds and computer dorks. Taxonomy aside.

I started with football and ended up with lack of social motivation. It's amazing how much of my social energy is going into work and work relationships right now. Or maybe not amazing. I tend to get into stuff. I'm ending this week feeling both good about work things and wiped out by them; drama plus sleep deprivation plus constant engagement with people plus actual productivity equals the end of most weeks these days. This week emphasis on the sleep deprivation.

I'm thinking that what I need to do is have a party. No, really. And/or see who wants to go trail running with me tomorrow.


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