Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Heads down, thumbs up.

Remember the game 7 Up that people sometimes played during rainy day recesses in elementary school? Seven kids from the class would go to the front of the room and someone would yell, "Heads down, thumbs up!" Everyone else would put their heads down and cover their eyes (or pretend to cover their eyes) and prop one hand up on the desk in front of them with their thumb in the air. Each of the seven kids at the front of the room would then tap someone different, and if you were the lucky kid to get tapped you put your thumb down. When the seven kids had finished, they'd go back to the front of the room and someone would yell, "Heads up!" and the kids who had been tapped would have to try to guess who'd picked them. Answer right, and you'd get to be one of the seven choosers the next time around.

Lately I'm finding a bunch of workplace analogs for 7 Up. Reorganizations shrouded in secrecy with a few people breaking the rules and peeking. Weird social networks popping up that weren't there two weeks prior and probably won't be there two weeks hence. Shifting relationships. It's not totally random, but then neither is 7 Up.


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