Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A sign of the apocalypse.

If you need an inflatable church and really who doesn't, you can get one here:

They also offer an impressive array of other inflatable products (marquees, arches, cans, and bottles, to name a few, plus a whole class called inflatable miniatures) just in case you're an atheist.

Oh, the democratizing of the internet! Where shlubs like me can have a blog that several people seem to hit regularly and shlubs like the inflatable church guys can start a business with just a website and a dream. A dream where you and your friends can acquire an inflatable nightclub for the very reasonable online price of 50,500 euros -- and if that's too expensive or you just don't have very many friends, there's always the inflatable arcadome for the bargain basement steal of 10,508.


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