Sunday, November 06, 2005

An index into my weekend.

Just got back from Puzzlehunt. I am wiped. But mostly good wiped. This hunt was hosted by first-time organizers Everyday Heroes and despite some of the rough edges, they did a really good job. We did better than we've ever done before, finishing (I think) 11th out of 62 exceedingly puzzly teams. (We were hoping for top ten, and we were in the top ten for most of the event, but we were outnudged right at the the end.) Mario was particularly diehard this year even for Mario, flying in Friday night and back home just a couple of hours ago in time for some career-defining exam he has to take tomorrow morning. We had a great group this year, a really nice mix of skills and solving styles. I think it's the best group we've had since we started playing a few years ago, and I was also very excited that all my recent practice with cryptic crosswords really paid off. I was able to crank through puzzles containing cryptics much faster than I could last year.

A software company that could figure out how to make everyday life seem like Puzzlehunt life would be very successful, ecxept for the sleeplessness part.

The only downside was that I didn't get to hang out with Kara while she was in town this weekend. Alas, we need to get to Portland for a weekend soon.


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