Thursday, November 10, 2005

Write me a picture.

The people I like form a superset of the people I really like in much the same way that the people I know form a superset of the people I really know.

On a scale of one to math, my current job is somewhere around the period right after lunch.

But wait, because those things are connected.

I am not a visual person. Words do more for me than pictures do, which makes me 1/1000 of someone else. I want to like pictures, I want to be good at pictures, I want not to navigate like an ant when I go places. I want to think in maps. What great books and great paintings can do for me makes the two appear totally disconnected on the artistic spectrum. Howard Gardner would call me a verbal, linear-sequential learner.

I started down this line thinking about a friend of mine who has no temper for reading but seemingly boundless patience for taking and manipulating photos, and I wonder how we have conversations at all. And it occurred to me: no one in my family is visual like that. I am totally predictable progeny.

Chris just interrupted me to show me pictures of outrageous jewelry and now I forget where I was going with all this, but the interruption makes a better ending anyway.


Blogger blackmorpho said...

I am similarly situated, except my bane is my lack of musicality. Scenes I remember seem often to be stored in my head in (otherwise vivid) close-caption mode. I have a good memory for colors and shades, but I forget sounds that I didn't transcribe in my head. I connect better to writing when I read it rather than when I hear it. And when I listen to songs I try to figure out the words first.

But I don't want this, no, nyet, non. I want to talkie-fy my head.

The regimen I have resorted to is pure jazz and classical, musical imagery without any words to aid. Consciously demanding not to read up on the history of the music and the musicians and distilling something from the sound without the aid of a narrative. And trying actively to remember sounds as sounds rather than as words. I don't know if it's working yet.

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