Saturday, June 17, 2006

New things.

I've been feeling pretty uninspired for blogging lately. Also exhausted. I am addressing the latter point by sitting around in pajamas all day today and the former by way of this post.

Last weekend we had a housewarming barbecue that we seem to have overstocked for by like an entire order of magnitude, with the result that we're grilling stuff pretty much every day now. Another consequence of getting stuff together for the party was the discovery of a clog in our plumbing that upon further investigation has been caused by roots in our pipes. Yay home ownership! Our first expensive home repair incoming. Hooray.

In the last couple of weeks we've also managed to secure three new residents in our home:

1. Megan
2. Jake
3. Ella

Megan is a human here for a monthlong rotation at Children's Hospital; Jake and Ella are felines and will hopefully wish to stay even when the month of June is over. I've never really had pets before, since my parents didn't get cats until they got divorced and were vying for my sister's attention and I was in college by then. There's something a little bizarre to me about the idea of animals and humans co-existing in the same space. Not bad bizarre, but bizarre.


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