Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I don't have an ounce of energy left, and yet I have more things to do than I can even track. The last couple of weeks have left me totally drained.

And what's the perfect antidote to that but new music purchases?

I've been woefully remiss in following up on KEXP playlists lately. I keep hearing stuff I like but then forgetting to check it out, since I'm not at my desk long enough during the workday to do more than log in, glance at email, and run to meetings. And by the time I get home I totally forget. And then I'm stuck with random dates and times in my head and I can't remember which dates go with which times and I'm randomly combing through playlists trying to make sense of them all.

Help me out here, people!

What's been released in the last few months that you're really liking? I want classic Kieranesque power pop and catchy melodies. I'll also settle for mellower stuff that might pull me back from the edge of nervous breakdown. Should the occasion arise.

Any suggestions?


Blogger this charming man said...

essex green, voxtrot, silversun pickups, the hard tomorrows, the concretes, raconteurs

9:53 AM  

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