Monday, July 10, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night.

I am tireder than I have any right to be. It's not just because of lack of sleep, since Saturday night after Puzzle Safari I slept for 10 hours at least, more than making up for the deficits of the week past. It's also not because I've been running like a lunatic, because yesterday I hardly moved from my sofa. Work? house? work? Some combination of all of the above.

Puzzle Safari was good though, even though we only finished 13th and we were hoping for top ten and even though we had a few wrong solutions in the mix that hurt us in the end. It did whet our appetites for Puzzlehunt, and rumors abound as to when the next one might be.

So right now, it's a little after 10 on Monday, Chris is not home yet, and I'm sitting here with Jake and Ella beside me looking precariously like they're about to launch into full-on kitty wrestling mode but now and then giving up as though it's not worth the energy. Maybe I'm contageous.


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