Saturday, July 21, 2007

On Big Love and blogs.

Harry Potter and Tony Soprano both ending their significant storyline presence in the same year? Hardly seems fair.

Be that as it may, I am really enjoying this season of Big Love. If you're watching the show and you're not reading the Margene blog on the HBO site, you're really missing out. HBO started the blog during the hiatus between seasons, speaking through the voice of Margene the character to provide some interesting background on Margene herself and her introduction to the Henrickson family. The blog is now updated weekly after each episode airs. I think it's connected to how much butt Ginnifer Goodwin is kicking this season in how she's playing Margene's character; HBO has created a rich, textured back story for the character that surely must enrich the actor's tools for playing her. It's also a really clever way for HBO to get a regular sense of how fans are finding the season, not to mention an interesting read (via the blog comments section) to see the perspectives of the many different kinds of viewers come together (LDS vs. polygamist vs. none of the above, Utah vs. non-Utah, etc). I was thinking about whether HBO could use other characters from other shows to accomplish something similar. Maybe I'm not very imaginative, but I have a hard time seeing it working as well for most other cases. But for this show and this character, it's awesome.

Only a few hours until Harry Potter arrives!


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