Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Less like a one-year-old

Meri gave me a fun belated birthday present the other day. She took one of my baby pictures and had it blown up and retouched and framed it. I am about a year old in the picture and yet my face looks exactly the same, only now I look less like a one-year-old. My face hasn't changed at all.
Chris left on Friday to meet his friend Jay in Knoxville, where Jay was wrapping up this leg of his stand-up comedy tour, and yesterday they drove back to Philly to get ready for the wedding (Jay's, not Chris's). I'm flying out this coming Friday for the wedding on Sunday, to which end I bought a spiffy new outfit this past weekend. The best part about other people's weddings is the spiffy new outfits. I refrained from following Ryan's suggestion to buy a long white dress with a veil. Oh! This is so embarrassing! You're wearing my dress!


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