Thursday, September 23, 2004


Quick! What should I do this Saturday night? Name something pretty and popular and well befitting the fabulous haircut I'm getting Saturday afternoon.

If you're around to participate, so much the better. But even if not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should do whatever chris wants...

- ed

9:49 PM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

Would you consider Chris pretty, popular, and/or befitting the fabulous haircut I'm getting Saturday afternoon?

10:06 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Well...I'm not sure about Chris's prettiness and popularity, but being deserving of your fabulous haircut? Definitely.

But just doing whatever he does? Not necessarily the thing to do, I think. Perhaps you should catch the Divine Comedy at the Crocodile Cafe?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you, what with being on the opposite coast and all.

8:08 AM  

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