Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mist, football, and baked goods

Last night we went for Ethiopian food at Meskel, which we hadn't tried before. I used to have Ethiopian food a lot when I lived in West Philly, seeing as there were a number of places of pretty good quality in the neighborhood. Since moving to Seattle, though, I've only had Ethiopian food twice, once at a place that has since closed and once at another place that was only eh. In the interest of full disclosure I feel I need to point out that my stomach was not in very good shape last night, but I think that was about something I had eaten much earlier. In any case, I intend to go back. I like Ethiopian food, and this place was pretty good.

This has been a very autumnal weekend: long run yesterday in the cool mist by Lake Washington, football all day today. Chris made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night. This is what fall is all about: mist, football, and baked goods.


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