Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My favorite neighborhood quirk

I read a few other blogs regularly. The links to a couple of them I have posted here in the past. Others are semi-secret, not because I'm ashamed to be reading them but because their owners are semi-secretive about them. In an odd twist, my favorite neighborhood quirk recently posted on afks asking about secret blogs and whether it was okay to out their owners. S/he was presumably referring to this one, except that this one isn't a secret.

Is the world better for having cute boys in it? I really think it is.

My most un-PC co-worker took issue with my characterization of cute boys as boys yesterday. I was surprised. I stand my ground. And oh, if only the co-worker in question could meet Cassie.

The world really is better for having cute boys in it. I'm serious.


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