Sunday, September 12, 2004


I started off yesterday in a sad, reflective mood. I felt a little better after going for a long run, but still not feeling much like going to all the parties we had been invited to for the day. I'm glad we went, though, as it took me out of myself a bit and I had a nice time. It was definitely a Scandinavian-themed day: a Norwegian birthday party followed by a Swedish crayfish party. I got to hear lots of wacky remarks about the Finns.

Alex and Vilde have a really nice cabin by a small lake in Snohomish county. It was too cold for swimming (not that that stopped many people) and it was the first time this year that it's really felt like fall to me. It's still a bit strange to have it be fall and not be heading back to school. At some point you have to think I'll get used to this, but it isn't this year. Over twenty-five years of history dies hard.


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