Sunday, November 21, 2004

A couple of sandwiches + Thanksgiving turkey

I finally saw I Heart Huckabees Friday night. What a disappointment. It really, really wanted to be a P.T. Anderson movie. It really, really failed. I imagine it would appeal to self-styled avant garde sophomores in college. I can't imagine who else it would appeal to, except evidently for Darren. I feel bad that I dragged Chris and Ritchie to see it with me.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon helping Jake and Kara move from their old house into their new garage and as a result my arms are good and sore today. Or maybe it's fatigue from dancing wildly at the Razorlight show last night, which was really pretty good. They're sort of a British Old 97's, so if you already like one of them you should really check out the other. I wanted to give a few of them and the leader singer in particular a couple of sandwiches, though. Holy skinny!

Tonight our Thanksgiving shopping begins in earnest. Fortunately I'm well-prepared, having already made several hundred lists of guests, pre-meal snacks, menu items, desserts, ingredients, and master lists correlating all of the above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the movie, but don't get me was no Moulin Rouge.

- darren

7:42 AM  

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