Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Fairy tale

Once upon a time, I had a webpage. My webpage was sort of like a blog, in that I posted all kinds of ramblings about all kinds of things, and it was a lot like most blogs, in that most of those ramblings were of fair-to-middling coherence. I also had pages of links to people and places, and lists of music, and lists of books, and lists of other things. Then I went to graduate school and I made another webpage. It was less like a blog, in that it was all about linguistics and copies of linguistics articles I had written/was writing and courses I was teaching. Then I moved to Seattle and I started an actual blog. And then another blog. So now I have two webpages and two blogs and one newsgroup.

The first webpage is a museum. It claims I am three years younger than I actually am, not because I'm unscrupulously dishonest but because I last updated that part of it three years ago. Likewise it lists as friends people that I am no longer really in touch with in addition to actual friends, it lists as music I like things that were cutting edge in my collection in 2000, and it uses lots of bad .jpgs as decoration. But it's still there.

The second webpage I make half-hearted attempts to update. It mentions my current whereabouts and professional comings and goings. It also cites academic interests that I no longer really have but once had. It also uses a design that wasn't great at the time and seems even crappier now. On the other hand, it has links to my dissertation and other papers, so for now I need to leave it up.

Pretty much everything that is not The OC now goes into this, the primordial blog.

Newsgroups and Philly = old skool; classic me; pumpernickel bagel
Blogs and Seattle = nouveaugeek; avant garde; multigrain loaf

Not that I excessively taxonify or anything.


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