Sunday, November 28, 2004

Vice Principal Gupta

I'm sitting here scarfing down some pre-race breakfast waiting for it to be time to leave. I think I got three hours of sleep last night between 11:30 and 2:30. Just as I was finally falling asleep into a great, great dream, my alarm went off at the ungodly hour that I had set it for. Blurg.

I meant to post yesterday about Sideways but forgot. In what has been a pretty lackluster year for movies so far this is one of the good ones: the best of stage-y, theater-type movies along with the best of vista-type flicks that make full use of the big screen. Definitely one of my favorites so far. Has Sandra Oh made a bad movie? I'm sure she has -- after all, a brief perusal of IMDB reveals that she played "Vice Principal Gupta" in The Princess Diaries -- but on the whole that woman knows how to choose her scripts.

Twenty minutes until I leave. I fear that I've timed the peeing thing wrong today. There's an art to not getting stuck on the portapotty line just as the race is getting going. I don't have to pee nearly enough right now.


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