Saturday, November 27, 2004


The day after Thanksgiving I had something to be thankful for: Katherine and I went shopping yesterday for Christmas party dresses and I found not one or two but three of them. For $140. Total. I realized as I was making the purchase that they were all black and pink. Although I'm feeling very Madonna-in-the-80s, I am nevertheless delighted. I think I'll bring one to Boston for Erin's 30th birthday party next week as a test run.

Our Thanksgiving gathering was successful. I can tell because we're still eating the leftovers. (I'm somewhat sad, though, that I ate the last of the stuffing this afternoon. Stuffing's one of those things that I vow every year to make more often but never do.)

Tomorrow morning Ritchie, Chad, and I are running the half-marathon that's associated with the Seattle marathon, and tomorrow afternoon Greg, Chad, and I are going to see that Seahawks-Bills game, both of which taken together mean that I can predict with confidence that Chad and I will crash hard around 5pm. I'm also predicting with confidence that I'm going to be wishing that I were in better half-marathon shape between miles 7 and 11 tomorrow, which four mile stretch is straight uphill.

Mmmmm. Stuffing.


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