Monday, December 06, 2004

Know what they have in Boston these days?

You know what they have in Boston these days? Sun!

I'm not one who's usually bothered by the Seattle winter gray. And yet this weekend, when it was sunny not just one but both days that I was in Boston, I could hardly contain myself. Sun! Perfect blue skies! 50 degrees! If only I didn't know it to be just a big weekend-long lie.

Still, Boston is a great town, and it was a great, if somewhat frenzied, trip. I finally finished Oblivion, the David Foster Wallace short story collection that I've picked up and put down several times now, on the plane ride yesterday. I still like his essays better. In his essays his prose really shines. Some of these stories were good, but not the gimmicky ones...

... and then I moved on to A Bit on the Side, the most recent short story collection by William Trevor, which I was promising myself as a reward for slogging through the DFW. If you're not reading William Trevor, you should be. If there's a better short story writer alive, I don't know who it might be. These things are exquisite.


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