Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I'm home sick today. I hope I didn't need lungs, because I've been in the process of coughing them up for the last several hours. This is horrible. I can't work, can't run, can't sleep except for in short, fitful, coughy spurts, can't go get my hair cut today. All I can do is take Tylenol Cold and watch backlogged TiVo and -- on the bright side -- finish the book Jake loaned me before they move away forever. I hate being sick. I need entertainment here, and I'm not sure I have the attention span to be properly entertained.

One thing I do not hate is cheese, and I'm feeling somewhat disappointed in you all and your inability to step up to the cheese rating plate. Just yesterday I was thinking about all the great bread+cheese combinations enjoyed the world over: grilled cheese! quesadillas! pizza! every kindergartener's favorite, cheese and crackers! enchiladas! cheese omelettes and toast! macaroni (cut me some slack here) and cheese!

Now if only I had an appetite.


Blogger Jake said...

Now we know you'd be bad at Family Feud! I mean if the topic was "Name a popular bread and cheese combination" the survey would most definitely say fondue! I bet Richard Dawson would be so disappointed in you that he wouldn’t even kiss you! Poor Kiers.

Oh, and it’s not like we’re moving to Abu Dhabi or something! We’ve got 4.5 years of experience doing the Seattle-Portland friend commute. You’ll still see us more than you’ll probably want to.

10:16 AM  
Blogger heathalouise said...

Feel better! I had a cold this weekend while snowed in at my parents' house in MA. Right now, my favorite cheese is probably gruyere. I also love me some gorgonzola...

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey babe. Cheese is not so good when you're sick. You really need all of your olfactory nerves in good working order to enjoy the sublime nature of Formaggio. What do you want to know? I'm a mad cheesehead. I suggest you start out at www.artisanalcheese.com. It's got great serving ideas and recipes, and gives you an outline of what the key artisanal cheeses are. Especially check out the cheese plates they sell for ideas on which cheeses to serve together. You can order online from them or from Murray's. You can also buy online from my local cheesestand (run by a Bryn Mawr alum and her son): www.catocornerfarm.com Another great site to buy and learn at is www.cheese-online.com. Also you want to look at the American Cheese Society www.cheesesociety.com to find cheeseheads near you! Once you're ready for a book, Steve Jenkin's remains the ultimate reference. I also think the Paula Lambert cookbook looks great. Then you can move on cheese travel:
- the Vermont Cheese trail, www.vtcheese.com/vtcheese/trail/trail.html
- the Cheddar region of England
- Belgium beer and cheese
- Anywhere in France or Italy
But the bottom line is eat eat eat. Eat all the cheese you can. Decide what you think of goat, sheep, and cow (and buffalo) cheeses. Learn the effects that aging has on each of those cheeses. Get the taste for different molds, different washes, and different wraps (ash, grape leaves, nettle). Decide what kinds of accompaniments you like (nuts, jellies, honeys, meats, breads, vegetables).
And dudess, I know that cheese and bread are good together, and I know it's fun to melt cheese, but in the end it's all about the cheese. Plain. Raw. Like it is. Made by the Divine. And that bread is just the stage on which the Cheese rises to its Glory.
Good Cheesing! Kinky

8:00 AM  

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