Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hipster Cory, girl wonder.

It's true. I finally know a cover girl for Time. Cassie just sent me a breaking journalistic epistle worthy of Time itself. Her sister and my friend, Cory Creswell, with whom I have taken several drunken spilly photos and of whom I have taken several others; Cory Creswell, artist and woman-about-town; Cory Creswell, hipster extraordinaire and Chicago socialite; this same Cory Creswell and several of her group of groupies are featured in the cover story in the current issue of Time (alas, not on the cover itself) as what Cassie describes as "the poster children for permanent adolescence."

I've never been prouder. I'm hoping she makes Hard Copy or at least 60 Minutes next.

I need to run out and procure a copy of this no doubt Pulitzer-contending issue immediately.


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